CPT Players CPT Club CPT Professional

CPT Players

The CPT Players features no-spill cupholders, sturdy folding legs, casino-quality felt in 4 color choices and a decorative pine accent racetrack. Seats 10. FREE SHIPPING.

CPT Dublin CPT London CPT Casino

CPT Dublin

The furniture-quality CPT Dublin features larger no-spill cupholders, carved solid oak legs, a completely customizable felt surface, a decorative solid oak racetrack and a leather armrest. Comes with additional felt surface. Seats 8. FREE SHIPPING.

What to Pay Attention to When Bluffing

What to Pay Attention to When Bluffing

Bluffing in poker, is either a players favorite thing to do, or a players least favorite thing to do. ¬†A lot of this will have to do with the players’ ability to sell the bluff, and also to be able to follow through with their big time bluffs as well. ¬†Bluffing isn’t an easy thing [&he…