Folding Poker Tables

Our folding legged tables are great for those games on the go, ensuring that your that table can be stored easily and moved to wherever you need it.

The Professional Jr. Table. Looking for a low-priced poker table with high quality features? By popular request, the CPT Professional Jr. Table is here! This scaled down version of the popular Professional carries all the same features but is designed for the smaller room or home game.


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CPT Club Poker Table Allowing your game to feel more enjoyable, this table specializes in the player experience. With an ultimate playing surface and maximum comfort this spotlights your skills and game.


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The Professional Table The Professional is the first ever fully customizable and serviceable folding leg table in its price range. You have your choice of four solid colors, suited speed, or even custom graphics for your removable playing surface!

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Finding the right poker table can be a challenge. With so many options available out there, a lot of people hesitate between getting a 6-seat poker table, an 8-seat poker table, a classically-designed one, or something with a more modernist feel. Space is also a consideration. Here’s where the folding poker tables enter the picture.

Folding poker tables are fun, flexible, and can be used almost anywhere. If space is a problem in your house, then avoid any arguments by getting this table. It lets you play your favorite game with your friends at the comfort of your home. This is also the ideal solution for people with existing furniture in their house.

There’s no need to buy a large and expensive poker table. With folding poker tables, you get great value for money without compromising the quality of the game. Our range of folding poker tables will exceed your expectations. Right now, we offer three different options including the CPT Professional Table Jr., the CPT Club Table, and the Professional Table.

The CPT Professional Table Jr. is back by popular demand. You’ve asked for it and now we have it back! The CPT Club Table and Professional Table also have notable, high-quality features. The CPT Club Table offers a dealer spot and makes the game a lot more comfortable. Meanwhile, the Professional Table has a removable surface so it’s easy to clean and easily customizable. So turn your dining room into an elegant “casino” and let the game begin.